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hey guys, i am now starting to look into a new(er) car for reliability and gas mileage, idk if i will keep my ej1 or not, but i am looking at a cheap 00 ex auto coupe, and thought it would be awesome to swap in the 3stage vtec d15b, and mmt transmission. questions, would i be fine with the 3stage head on a y8 block as far as cr is concerned? also, would a y8 IM and stock exhaust manifold work with the 3stage or would it kill the mpg?

shortly, i would like a 00 ex coupe
3stage vtec (on y8 block?)
-with ice box, y8 IM, y8 EX (or cheap ebay header) and oem em1 catback
mmt transmission with econo/sport modes.

so basically like a civic hx coupe, but with more powerful engine, bigger brakes, sunroof etc....

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