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Car was sideswiped and after replacing the fender, headlight and doing some body work and paint the car looked great on the driver's side but the passenger side headlight was hazy and gross. Picked this kit up at autozone for $22.99. Bit pricey but it worked great for the most part. I actually had to go back and exchange it for another kit because the wetsand pad did not hold up very well. The woman told me it was because I didn't use enough water but I was spraying both the pad and the light pretty much every 15 seconds and it was never dry. After getting another kit the same thing happened but it lasted long enough to finish the job. They really should have included 2 wetsand pads.

Here's the light that was replaced.

Old passenger side headlight before getting started.

After sanding with 500 grit pad. Didn't get pics of the other steps as they didn't look much different and it's pretty self explanatory. Sand with 500, 800, wetsand with 3000 and buff with rubbing compound.

All done and it looks new again! Wax it for a good seal.

Over all it's a good product to remove the haze or yellow in your plastic lenses but use tons of water on the wetsanding pad and depending on the size and shape of your headlights you may need to buy another kit or some sandpaper and finish it up. For $23 I think they could have provided two pads. They include 6 500 grit pads and I only used 2 on that light. Also, it would be nice if they sold the pads seperate so you can keep buying more to do more cars rather than buy the whole kit when you don't even need the bit.
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