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Hello I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong forum. I am a little slow sometimes.

I've been using this website as a resource since I built my $2005 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge Car (a d16z6 swapped '88 CRX HF that finished 15 out of 62). I've never posted much because I could find nearly anything I wanted by searching. Seems there are a whole lot of real good tech posts here unlike many other websites. After I ran my car in Florida for the challenge I converted it into a Wheel to Wheel GT Road Race car which I ran a bunch at Hallett Speedway in Oklahoma with good success. I've learned a lot about racing VERY cheaply thanks to this website and figured you guys might be interested in my latest project.

So here goes:

I purchased a dead '89 Civic Sedan LX auto to convert to a 24 Hours of Lemons Road Race Car for $50. The 24 hours of lemons for those that don't know is an endurance road race for beater cars that cost $500 + the cost of safety gear. You get a few allowances for brakes, tires, and exhaust that don't count in the original $500. Its a very "interesting" event that includes a steel reserve drinking challenge and various odd happenings. Our event will be June 6th in Southern Louisiana at No Problem Raceway.

The car is Beat to hell, leaks everything from everywhere but I did get it to run and drove it to my shop in downtown Little Rock, AR. First off was securing a manual tranny. I was able to get a steal of a deal on an '89 crx SI tranny. New Seals and it should be good. I also secured a nearly complete '89 d16a6. High miles but a $100 rebuild kit and $20 seal kit should freshen it up. Decking the head, new valve seals, a good headgasket, and lots of lapping of the valves and I should have a great motor. I'll be running around junk yards for the next couple of weeks for a lot of the MPFI swap and auto-manual swap parts.

I know how to set up the brakes to survive. I've got a bunch of 15x7 race wheels and plan on running 205/50/15 Falken Azeni RT615s (We have to utilize true Street Tires) and these seem cheap and grippy. I'll be installing a mixture of leftover Energy Suspension bushings and custom made delrin bushings I can make on my Lathe.

I am curious if any of you hardcore tech guys might have any REAL cheap opinions on suspension set-up, especially how to get 3 degrees or so of negative camber without sliding-adjustable balljoints. Obviously I have very little money in the budget. I would love to run my Custom valved Konis and High Spring Rate Ground Controls but the shocks alone are nearly double the cost of the total allowance for the budget. I've got several sets of "ebay" coilovers but don't know what to do for shocks. All my shocks are currently leaking on the car.

I'm also curious if you guys have any ideas on what to do about engine reliability. I've blown several headgaskets on my d16z6 road racing. It is a much more highly modified engine so I am hoping a stock A6 will survive hours of WOT but I don't know. I know lots of the previous honda competitors have broken motors.

Also does anyone have a clue if a bolt-in autopower Civic Cage will fit into the sedan?

We are a very low-buck team and if anybody or any business is interested in sponsorship we would definitely appreciate. The whole car is sponsor free at this point and we would love to fill it up. ($50 would go a long way). If anyone wants to donate we have a paypal set-up. PM me for more info. We also would put your name all over the car for various parts (Manual Pedal set, resistor box, SI wiring harness plugs, clutch cable, etc).

Thanks for reading my long-winded post and any and all advice, criticism, etc is appreciated.

The roof-rack is adapted from an old school VW. I think it rules.
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