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Yo Daddy! said:
Parking Fees:
$5 Per Vehicle
Free Parking for Active Duty Military
Free Parking for vehicle displaying disable persons plaque

Woodward Park.
7775 Friant Road Fresno, CA 93720

Location within Park:
Park View Picnic Shelter
Table 1

Sunday, July 14th 2013 @11AM so we can BBQ by noon.

Head Count
- Keelan
- Allan
- Aqua Chicken
- 559civic_dx +2
- CaliLegal +3
- Cheuyi
- Cory Jordan
- Ajay
- Jaun
- Dave
- Jon ( Maybe )
- Cervan
- Chris
- Rob
- Sammo + 4 nephews
- Patrick
- Jeff
- Shawn
- Levi
- JWilli8200 + 2
- madmike'sej8
- Jose

Fueling E85 Locations:

From the south is in Tulare at:
Stanley's Food Mart #1
2959 N M St Tulare, CA 93274

From the North just north of Modesto:
Boyett Petroleum
2201 Patterson Rd Riverbank, CA 95367

Propel Fuels
4994 E Ashlan Ave
E85 and biodiesel available


-NorCal Folks
Gather at Daves house by 9AM

-Central Folks:
( I honestly dont remember where most of you guys live. LOL)

-SoCal Folks:
-Cory Jordan
-Aqua Chicken
( I know there is more so i'll update it again soon )

My civic
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Im there. Nor Cal repp'n!

D-series SoCal Division
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I'm down. Pata all of us SoCal guys should caravan together out there. It would be epic.

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Ya, ever since norcal cracked down because of the idiots and unnecessary mischief, the norcal meets are are few and far between.

I no longer haz teh pink eye! Iz got STINK EYE
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ill see if i can make it, wifey is due late june early july so see how it goes. miss you guys no homo!
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