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Hello everyone. I didnt see an intro thread, so I’ll post in the area that got me here. Long story short, I bought an LX auto for commuting. I work in the boroughs of NYC and parking is brutal with a pickup. With the gas prices rising, I decided to buy the car. This is my first Honda and I’m actually enjoying the car. It feels like I’m driving a gokart, but the power leaves something to be desired. I would just like a little more pep to pass on the highway. I already have a leftover K03 from a former 1.8t project. So I need some advice. Before you jump down my throat with the “use the seach button” crap, I’ve been doing that all week.
-Car has to stay auto. I sit in stop and go traffic for hours. Everywhere I’ve looked, turbo builds are being done on manual cars. I’m not racing, I’m commuting. I haven’t found much info on beefing up the auto. Maybe someone here has info on that. Maybe even a stronger auto that will work with my d17
-I’m not looking to make a race car. My goal is to have a little more power to spare and not smoke the auto. Will the K03 allow me to stay in the 30+ mpg area or should I go with a T25 variant?
-hondata kpro with rsx ecu seems like the engine management for this car. RsxS injectors will go along with it and 255 fp. Will the fact that it is an auto make this build a headache? Do I need the rsx auto tranny? I can find used autos for cheap all day long.
-This is a budget build, so if there is a way to go small turbo without needing hondata, let me know.
I am a former chevy tech and now I’m a welder. Fabrication is not a problem for me. I welcome any constructive criticism/advice on my project. Have a great day!
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