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Hey everyone, im looking for some general info about the mazda pick-up. I plan on picking up a 2000ish Mazda B2300 that has low miles and was involed in a rollover for about 200 bucks. The only major problem it has is that the roof to the cabin is messed up. Misc. body parts need to be replaced alogn with head and tail lights. The frame and suspension are in fine shape, car was even driven home right after the accident and has been in his garage ever since (clean title was not reported).

I want to pick this up and earn some cash to support my d-series build for my rex.

----My main question is if on these mazda (ford) trucks can the cabin just be taken off the frame and replaced with a different one???? If not i might just have to take the top half off, get a new windshield etc.

----Think it is worth the investment to do? I am looking for 1500 to 2000 profit. And no i am not tryign to rip someone off, I am going to explain what happened to the person that would be interested. The options:

1. I have 3k i can spend on fixing it the whole way, then sell it at normal vaule of KBB which could be around 8500 thou. Repair would be, replacing the whole cabin or take the top clip weld it on, replace a door and all the glass.

2. Buy it for the 200 and sell it for as much as I can as it is, maybe fix the misc body parts and lights getting as much as I can for that.

3. Dont invest in it at all and find another way to get project cash.

SO, what do you all think I should do? 1 2 or 3? Any advice would be great!
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