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Hello guys!

So I posted and introduction and you guys wanted to see a build thread so here we are.

i am currently planning on what’s needed and so far have this list (feel free to call me an idiot if I get something wrong)

EDM D16b2 complete engine
(identical to the D16y7 apparently)
Y8 head
Sk2 Pro series intake
Sk2 valve springs and retainers
YCP vitara 75.5mm pistons
Custom length rods
Gt2860rs (disco potato as I’ve been informed they are referred to)
Tial 38mm waste gate
Tial 50mm BOV
New water pump
Lower temp thermostat
Custom alloy rad
Custom intercooler

I know there’s loads missing I.e ecu fittings and so on but there’s too much to really list.

Now I know how to use the search function and I don’t want to start an argument here but considering I’m struggling to find and y8 or z6 engines or parts (I luckily found a complete assembled y8 head) here in the UK is it necessary to use those crankshafts. I know it’s a saw subject within the d series turbo community I just was wondering ifI absolutely need to go for those cranks or if the y7 would suffice?

mum relatively lucky as to I work for the family business which is a Porsche specialist and I get to build some big power turbo engines daily however these Hondas are all new to me! But I do also have my uncle which is an ex Penske racing engineer that can modify and create nearly anything automotive for myself.

anyway back to the actual good stuff!

So after a joke with one of the lads I work with that brought an ep3 I said how about we go off tonight and get me a little civic to build as a track toy / street fun car. So low and behold 4 hours later we’re off on a 8 hour trip and I brought myself this little gem

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car

Safe to say she isn’t the cleanest she’ll going however it was a start!
Whilst driving it home a few problems came up 1 being the wheels fitted are mx5 wheels and have completely the wrong centre bore and I almost lost a wheel, but my biggest concern was that the d14 fitted was gutless! Don’t get me wrong we managed to get 120 out of her but it took a small age to get there!

So we got back to my unit at around 2am and I decided what I needed to do was strip her and start looking for problems!

Car Motor vehicle White Hood Light

To my amazement there really wasn’t anything alarming (ignore the Mk7 gti rear brace 😂) so I got to work the following day painted the rear floor and then clear coated it just to make it look nice but also protect it as best I could for now!
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Grille Hood Car

Next up I couldn’t stand the hideous ride quality and height and I wanted to hold off on ordering so BC racing coilovers until the engine is built/fitted and the cage is fitted (next month) so I can get the correct spring rates for the car, so I decided why not chuck some maxpeedingrod coilovers on her for the time being!

Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Vehicle

I’ve actually decided to start using her as a daily for a few reason.
1. It makes me feel like a teenager again
2. I can get a feel for the car and
3. I can see what needs attention and so on.

After the first week of driving out came the credit card and even knowing I am getting rid of the 1.4 I still spent £300 on the engine alone 🤦🏻‍♂️
New water pump, thermostat, belts and tensioners/rollers, head gasket, service kit, plug legs, plugs, rotor arm and dizzy cap

then the brakes needed desperate attention so for the time being I brought brand new callipers, discs, pads, shoes and drums including cylinders, flex is and I also did a brake fluid flush,fill and bleed!

Anyway I am going to stop waffling now and wrap this up but all in all, I am officially loving my little Ej9 that started as a joke!

Anyway I just wanna say thanks for reading all that waffle 🧇 and if you have any advice please give it!!

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Soooo a little bit of an update! I found a z6 donor engine!! It comes with a set of Vitara pistons and rods.... apparently the rods are maxpeeding rods? are these any good at all as I know their coil overs aren't the greatest lol. It also has a baffled sump and I will receive my y8 in the post in the next day or so! I have managed to also purchase a p28 ecu so things are coming together quite quickly! Once I pick the z6 up this weekend I'll grab pics as I tear it apart (I want to inspect everything myself as I want piece of mind knowing its all up to my standards.

I am aiming to get this built and on the track for my birthday with is towards the end of June so fingers crossed I'll be able to get it built for then!!

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So after a long trip yesterday I picked up the d16z6 engine, was originally just getting the bottom end but figured out a deal to get the head and everything else.

sent the sump off to be modified, spent a couple hours today scrubbing and degreasing both the z6 and y8 head and the block ready to be blasted in the coming days!

went a bit mad on ordering the parts.

got myself a disco potato, ram equal length turbo manifold, skunk 2 inlet, adjustable cam gear, brand new vtec solenoid, 4 bar map sensor, catch can, ycp 75.5mm, h beam rods, alloy rad, Adjustable cam gear. Now I have a friend over in Japan that has a genuine Mugen SOHC valve cover that’s dated and needs a refurb I was just wondering if me paying £800 is too much? I know it’s just a valve cover however I really do like the look of them and I am sucker for rare goodies!

anyway I have a few questions, one being I am about to order a custom tucked loom and I wasn’t sure if I should go OBD1 or OBD2? My plane and goal is to run either Hondata or chrome

Anyway I forgot to grab pics today so I will get some tomorrow when I’m next at the unit.

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£800 for a valve cover that is invisible while driving......
OBD1 is the upgrade for OBD2....... ECU at least. Use the OBD1 harness or buy a adapter for the ECU if you use OBD2
Moates Demon 2 or hondata, depends on budget and whatever your local Dyno shop can use for tuning program....

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Budget isn't really a problem, just to add some background I have previously built a few ps13's, r32 gtr's and Porsches. I am a bit ocd and always like to have all the little rare trinkets for my builds. My ps13 I had swapped an rb26 keeping with the twin turbo setup and I payed over the odds for some of the parts (£1200 for the light up quarter window louvers, £550 for a heads up display and so on) I believe when it comes to building your cars money shouldn't be too much of an issue because if you want a fast reliable build you have to do it right or you will just spend more doing it over and over again, this also stands with me as I want to build the car to how I envisioned it and would only kick myself if I didn't do something how I wanted from the get go. Don't get me wrong £800 for a valve cover is a lot considering its only going to end up getting drilled and welded for the catch can but for me it's just as important to get the aesthetic right as it is to get the build done right.

All in all I am budgeting around about £8000 for the build, lots of custom pieces being made for me, but also once the engine is all finished and test fitted the car is going off to be acid bathed and then powder coated before it gets its final paint job. Everything I do is to an extremely high standard and since the last post I have actually picked up 3 more d16's 2x z6 and a 20k miles y8 engine. I will be doing a fully sleeved JE piston and Carillo rod engine once I have broken in the shell and the power goals for that fully built engine will be around 500-600hp

Luckily for me over the years of building engines and race cars I have been lucky enough to meet some great fabricators and engineers and I have engineers from places such as Cosworth, Penske Racing and many more all getting involved.

I am sure you will see what I mean when it comes down to my OCD over the process of this build. Anyway I am at the unit currently and will grab loads of snaps of what we have going on and update you all later :)

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So here we have it, another EJ joining the group. This green one was a last minute purchase for £800, she’s being a donor for its d16y8 engine and box and then she’s getting a built k20a2 turbo engine.

Starting to think I have a problem 😅

Anyway I got the z6 block and my other y8 head stripped and sent off to be blasted before I port the intake side of the head.

Engineering Font Metal Art Auto part

Then the day after picking up the green civic we pulled her heart ready to get the engine stripped down and put into tubs ready to get that one built as a spare one for if anything goes wrong with the first engine!
Car Vehicle Grille Wheel Automotive lighting

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Wheel

Shoe Tire Automotive tire Hood Road surface

All in all it’s all getting there!! I’m just taking my time and making sure I have everything I need!!

also decided against using a stand-alone and I’m going to tune it using an Ostrich on chip. Brought myself a Dynojet Wideband Commander and J&S Safe Guard.

as I’m aiming for 250-300hp am I right in thinking the standard cam will suffice? If so do I go for the y8 or z6 cam? And do I keep vtec or ditch it? Just I’ve been looking into it and it seems like a bit of a debate regarding it.

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In my opinion that 8 grand is going to add up quick and 800 on a VC totally not worth it.. There is surely a better way to spend your money elsewhere on the car. If I were you I'd get the z6 valvecover powdercoated with a nice custom color, buy tires/suspension/brakes/literally anything else.

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Sorry should have been more specific. That £8000 is purely for the engine and drive train.

Brakes I have a set of Porsche 986 callipers and adapters, rear disc conversion, brand new BC coilovers, full pollybush kit, chassis brace, cage is booked in for end of June. Just ordered adjustable arms for all round!

So far the engine build side of things owes me about £2000 - £3000. I bit the bullet and brought the cover as fuck it why not.

I’m actually currently on route at the moment to go buy a complete Ep3 for the k20 swap for £1800 as I had some money left over this month from my wages.

I completely agree with what you’re saying with regards to money spent elsewhere I just love the little unicorn finds and I’ve already had someone say why not buy the knockoff Mugen cover instead but I just can’t do it lol.

Wheel and tyre wise I have ordered some TE37v's wrapped in Yokohama Advan A048's (I was inspired by @Shuhei1212 on instagram and was lucky enough to get his wheel and tyre specs through a mutual friend)

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive side marker light

Also received the head and block from the blasters and here we have a nice fresh platform to work from

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Another change in direction for the build 🤦‍♂️

So I've been talking to my contacts at JE and they actually said I'd be best off going for SRP..

Also Picked up another d16z6 which someone has previously boosted but suffered a spun bearing, and I thought I'd ask if any of you guys in the UK would be interested in the Vitara pistons and Maxpeedingrods that came in it? pistons are all good, and three of the rods are good just one rod which is for the scrap.

Will list them on ebay starting at £0.99 so if you guys are interested they will be up for grabs soon, they are 75.5mm ycp vitaras.

No with regards to rods anyone know where in the UK I can get some eagle rods rather quickly as time is ticking and I just wanna start building up the engine.

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When you spend £800 on a valve cover, and buy brand new TE37s, why ever use vitaras lol.

Since your power goal is 300ish whp, a nice set of 4032 forged pistons from whoever will give you long life and good warm up characteristics for a DD.

Go 2618 forged aluminum if your power goal was higher.

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Some bits have started coming in!

Exhaust manifold has arrived!

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

I believe the Skunk2 intake will be coming in the next week or so.

Going to start Polishing the exhaust ports and then I’ll be putting a dowel on the intake port face on the head and then I'll be port matching the intake to the head but also removing the casting marks on the inlet ports.

In the mean time I've realised I've now got 5 standard cam covers so started cleaning them up to have as garage art! 😂

Automotive tire Electronic instrument Office equipment Musical instrument accessory Audio equipment

Musical instrument Rectangle Electronic instrument Audio equipment Gadget

Going to be rather slow on the updates over the next couple weeks as I've got a million and one projects on the go but also I am waiting on a load of parts to arrive!


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Who built that manifold? It looks suspiciously like many an ebay ram horn style.

If it is, all the welds around the collector flange will begin to crack after a while.
get out of my head! the weld overlap is what got my attention.

bro, did you buy a walmart manifold?

lol, even in their ad, its not the same manifold or welds hahahah

invest in a site sponsor

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GO-AUTOWORKS Stainless Ramhorn Manifolds for Civic Integra B16 B18 D16 D15

hell, if not greg, someone who can build a mani lol

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