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the car has a ZC gold top in it and has run fine for years replacing what ever to keep it happy. i am in NZ so its JDM

comming home from racing it a few weeks ago it died on the motor way with a blown 10amp fuse that powers the fuel relay and allows the ignition lights on the dash on. the main ECU fuse blew also (not sure if this blew at the same time or after i tried a few things to get it going, take it as it happened after).

since then have put in a few more fuses and ran the car fine untill it blows again and it seems to be completely random as to when it blows (ie. can be idling or comming out of a corner driving hard or driving at 100ks in a stright line)

i have tapped a few things under the dash to see if i can encourage the car to blow the fuse but nothing happens. have changed the ignition barrel, have changed the ECU and checked as best i can the wiring to see if it is ok.

any suggesations would be appreciated as i think the next step is to pull the loom out and have a close look at it. also no that i know has one to test bits on it so makes it hard to find a problem.


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