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The date for the 19th Anuual BC CRX Meet will be Saturday, August 27th, 2016. 4th Generation (1988 - 1991) Civics are welcome to attend as well. We have also had Del Sol's out in the past.. So Del Sol's are welcome too!

10AM - Meet at Meadowtown Centre 19800 Lougheed Hwy, Pitt Meadows for Meet and Greet (Please make sure your car is gassed up at this point as we will not be doing a gas stop)

11:00 - Head out to West Coast Railway Heritage Park, 39645 Government Road, Squamish

12:30ish - Arrive at West Coat Railway Heritage Park and take a 1.5 - 2 hour tour (we have a tour guide). This tour is $15 per person and this includes the Mini Rail Train Ride which has 15km of track that goes in and around the park. After the tour, we are welcome to stay for a bit and check out shops and such.

3ish - Late Lunch/Early Dinner at Boston Pizza 40167 Glenalder Place, Squamish

When Lunch is finished - Head down the Sea to Sky Highway and stop at a rest stop to take some group shots with an amazing view. After this, the night is open to whatever people want to do, whether they just want to head home or go do something as a group... If there is enough interest in going bowling afterwards, I can look into it and find a place that can accommodate us. In the past we have sometimes ended up in White Rock or gone to a Tim Hortons somewhere to shoot the shit... The night is still young, and the suggestion box is open!

NOTE: This is a annual group event, so follow the rules of the road. No burn outs, no speeding, it is not a race to get there, and also respect the places where we are cruising to and from. Pretty much just behave like a responsible adult. This should not need more elaboration. ;)

Thanks! Hope everyone can make it! It will be nice to see some new faces as well as the old mugs we see almost every year! :)

Other Events for those so interested:

Friday August 26th - Mission Raceway 32670 Dyke Rd has Street Legal Drags Night.

Sunday August 28th - All Japanese Classic Car Show Waterfron Park 400 Esplanade W Ave, North Vancouver near the Lonsdale Quay 8am - 3pm

A Little more info on the Heritage Railway Park Tour:

A tour of the railway museum covers all our major exhibits and is lead by our team of dedicated volunteer guides. After a brief introduction to the park your party will be split into smaller, more intimate groups and taken through the park by tour guides. Exhibition hosts will be stationed throughout the park, dressed in period costume, to provide in-depth history on certain key exhibits. Guests are encouraged to ask questions - our volunteers have involved with the museum for many years and bring an intimate and anecdotal knowledge to west coast railway history.

During your tour you will touch on the parks major exhibitions and ride our 15 km minirail track – a tour that takes you through the parks 13 acres. The exhibits encompass more than 125 years of west coast history, starting with early 20th century executive railcars, to 1920’s caboose’s, onwards into to 50’s and 60’s passenger service cars. Guests will visit the Brightbill Heritage House, the house of Squamish’s first train conductor Harry Brightbill. They can see life as it would have been before Squamish was connected via highway 99 to Vancouver and the rest of BC. Additionally guests can experience a live demonstration of a 1920’s Maytag washing machine!

Many of the various train cars, coaches, and cabooses in the park have been restored to their working order – to reflect the era and the livelihood of those who operated and lived on them. The museum’s mandate is the preservation of railroad history, and we take pride in our large scale restoration projects. The carshop houses many of our current projects. Currently guests can see and learn about the building of 1905 Colonist car that brought immigrants across Canada to settle the prairies as well as the restoration of the Pacific Great Eastern #2 engine – a steam locomotive that helped build the railway between Squamish and Lillooet in the golden age of steam travel

Two new exhibits are being added to the park this summer, and hopefully by the time of your tour in August they will be fully under way. The ‘Pioneer village’ which includes the Brightbill House and the 1915 train station will grow to have a working furnace and print-shop, featuring a small letterpress studio.

The standard 2 hour tour is 15$ per person, with the additional cost of a 5$ minirail ride. For you group I have offered a discounted price of 15$ per person including a minirail ride for all guests.
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