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Hello I'm a new user to the thread but have visited many times.
With that said, I have a 1987 Honda Civic Hatchback with a d13a1, 4 speed manual transmission. I had a weber carburetor on it but it has been taken out drained and stored and is about ready to start getting ripped apart, now that it is warm out but I have come along to a difficult situation.

I always knew it was kind of hard to find parts for my d13a1 and before when it shit out I debated rebuilding it, I loved this thing!! Now that I'm searching I can not find crankshaft, rods, and pistons for it. Stock nor Aftermarket?!? I can barely find stock d15 internals. I called a shop close to me to have the block magnafluxed for cracks,the deck surfaced, and cylinders honed and I told them the motor and he said he has internals for it for a d series?? I forget if he said a specific motor but he said he has internals for a d series, I haven't checked in on them but he said they have been sitting there for a while and he will give me a deal on them but didn't mention any brands just that they're rated to 1200 hp....
now I'm not an expert I've been working on them, for about a year or two.. but ive never seen a d series put that out or get close to 800hp is this guy just blowing smoke up my ass or should I check them out, I'm not interested in their hp rating just if the parts will actually fit I told him it was a d13 out of 1987 civic but wasn't specific about the motor. is it worth it to try and find parts and find the best build internally or is there any motors I can plug and play swap?

Also my dad has been a mechanic for 30+ and a restoration mechanic for the last 10 working on everything from a Marmon 1 of 3 in the world to 70's Maserati's so he's seen his fair share of machining and is good at modifying.

Thank you for reading and all answers are appreciated!
p.s. sorry if I forgot anything:greddy2:
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