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hello all this is my first post on these forums, i will be building the EW1 from my 86 civic for dual webers and a multi port nitrous shot. its the same as the D15A2.

i bought a 1986 Civic DX for $550, has 165k, a brand new alternator and clutch cable, the motor runs but it needs ALL new seals and gaskets, its sata few times in its life.

i am gonna put the D15A2 wth 232k from my CRX into my Civic, it has new seals and a new oem exedy clutch. it has been well taken care of.

My question is, are there any pistons and/or rods i can put in the D15A2 for better performance, without having to send it to the machine shop.

Later on im gonna build the EW1 for dual webers and a small shot of nos.
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