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4d EG manual rack/trans low n slow
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I would look at a higher energy coil, even doing an external, or COP conversion.
I'd also do a larger TB.
A big factor in your power is the flow of pressurized air also needs to be maximum Volume.
You can have 16psi and 100 cfm, and make lower power, and you can have 10psi with 600 cfm.
That turbo is unlikely flowing the same CFM as the same "size" in a higher quality would, not a knock, just a basic of less is less.
With your lowered static compression, you will need a higher volume of air to bring it up to it's potential.
Just a 2¢ opinion.
*Edit Did the tuner take off the iar filter while tuning?
I've know a few who would, some don't, just curious.
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