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I have a lot of stuff for sale, plz dont delete this i had another name with more than enough post but forgot it... :oops:. well heres the list..

14b turbo perfect, spins freely, no shaft play, ported o2 housing, started on the wastegate housing, everything works- 75

HF manifold and 14b adaptor plate from BMC- 100

1g dsm sidemount- 20

(2)D16a6 head, good upgrade for non vtec 1.5's,1 is resurfaced,
very clean-40

oil feed line for d series honda- 30

complete d15b6, low mileage, realy clean, can be used as a rebuilder or as a replacement- 75

91 civic ex tranny, needs input shaft bearing- 25

D16a6 pistons and rods, flat tops, nice for mini-me- 25

Sport Comp boost gauge, 2 1/16", black face- 30

buyer pays shipping, i will drive a litte ways on some parts or if somone is buying more than one.

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yah its out of a 1g eclipse if you need the manifold and adaptor plate i'd let all three go for 150.

i'll get pics tomorrow...of everything

resurfaced a6 head sold.

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I want the 14b with adapter plate, but my wonderful rex won't start now, so my $$ is temporarily going towards fixing this :(

I believe he is in the UK, stationed there. Is that correct?

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pics will be up shortly

st. louis

and i'm keeping the block to build since my motor in the car is shot to shit.

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sorry, suprise vacation happened. pics will be up tomorrow.

hf mani,adaptor plate, and turbo have been traded....everything else is still for sale.
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