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These can be used as 4th in Hydro? Or MS inner lip need cut?

Are they "paired" to CS or just advised.. ?

anyone have a "spare" 1.259 CS gear? ..I know there's a set with roasted teeth on the MS. I want to try cutting the back or bottom rather than neck or collar

Also, are L3 1-2 sliders interchangeable? This 2nd side is roasted.. hence switching to this spare 1.944.. ahem.. (ALL SAME Only 3-4 slider/hubs )

Toasters Tranny Trivia:
.909 and .937 have same CS tooth count. Watch out. 30

Older the transmission, larger the tolerances and more likely 3-4 slides off the CS.

On L3, it's easy to put the 3/4 slider upside down. No U on hub and broken tooth. The smooth side with the faint ring is the top, the groovy side goes down.


Building a 3.250 1.944 1.259 0.937 0.771 4.25

Also found a 2-5 ZC kit, spare 1.259,.771, nice 1.172 4.0 4.25 hydro.. and 3 full ex hydro lol. Help.

I will be forever heartbroken about my lost 3.25 FD..
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