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2005 Civic Ex SE
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I'm trying to install an afr gauge on my car and can't figure out where to connect to on the o2 sensor harness. It's making me mad. Please help. Which wire do I tap into to get afr readings?

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I need to know where on the stock sensor to connect to.
Wide band or crappy crappy ebay afr light show?
Does it have numbers on it?
If not please do not install.

But u you must it goes on the signal wire
01 civic pun out as follows.

D17A1*and*D17A2*Upstream Oxygen Sensor Pinout
(2001-2003 1.7L Honda Civic)
PinWire ColorDescription
1GRN/YELSG2 (Sensor Ground)
2WHTPHO2S (Sensor Signal)
3BLK/WHTHeater Element Ground
4BLK/YELHeater Element Power

Part 1 -How to Test Trouble Code P0135 (2001-2003 Honda 1.7L)

You said 05 but should be the same tho.
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