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made a new bracket to reuse the stock jankey belt tightening setup on the 1.7 to fit a 110A alternator from an 03 accord. I get a little dimming from the subs using the 70A Civic alternator. 3/8 steel hogged out on the mill. Washers were used to take up the difference in the mounting ears. One washer on the front side of the motor on both mounts so the pulley lines up, five on the back of the upper mount. Needed a longer 8mm 1.25 flange bolt to go through the lower mount that ended up about 55mm after I trimmed it to size.
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I did have to make the eyelit on the stock power connection a smidge bigger, put another 2ga wire on it as well. Then grounded the case with some more 2ga.

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To get a little extra clearance for adjustment I milled down the fins a bit.

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So far seems to be working well and only about $10 more than a stock replacement.
It is pretty tight in there with the AC lines, but it all fits after a 1" longer belt was used.
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You could pretty easily do the same thing with a drill/drill press and an angle grinder. Definitely don't need a mill.
Hope it's helpful.
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