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I just started actually writing down my recipes so this will be a growing post. I basically come up with them using the good ole sniffer and seeing if it works. I tell the wife if she dont like it there is always pizza lol.

Note: i dont state the exact ammount of ingrediance in the recipes. use your own judgment OR you can allways PM me to ask what i do, and i'll try to remember lol.

Well, here it starts...

©urbow's doctored BBQ sauce
-Kraft Honey BBQ sauce
-McCormicks (grill mates) Smokehouse Maple
-McCormicks (grill mates) Montreal Chicken
-Seasoning Salt

©urbow's Zesty Mozzarella Chicken
-Chicken Brest
-Kraft Zesty Italian dressing
-Kraft Catalina dressing (lightly over the top)
-McCormicks (grill mates) Montreal Chicken
-McCormicks (grill mates) Roasted Garlic & Herb
-Seasoning Salt
-Oven on 375, cook for 20 min
-Top with Mozzarella cheese, cook for 7 min

©urbow's awesome steaks!
-Dales Seasoning
-McCormicks (grill mates) Montreal Steak
-Cook over charcoal
(the longer you Marinate the better)

Jalapeno chicken
-Cut up Chicken brest
-Jalapenos and Jalapeno juice (soak chicken in)
-Paprica (put on chicken while soaking)
-Cook in pan, add All season salt

Spicy beef tortellini
-Ground Beef (brown and drain)
-Return to pan
-Add Jalapenos and Jalapeno juice

-Tortalini pasta (boil and drain)
-Add italion seasing
-Add All season salt
-Add Paprica

-Add pasta to pan with meat. Cover and let cook together for 2 min
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