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  1. Project Budget Fun

    Hey everyone, Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my name is Jordan. I live in Calgary, Alberta. I am 18 and living with my mom (cheaper on rent and food and she has a garage). I plan to go to school to become an engineer or mechanic. Enough about me, this is my 3rd car but first...
  2. D15B VTEC vs. D16z6 VTEC vs. D16zc dohc

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi, I'm both new to this site and new to Honda. I came to own my first Honda because they are cheap, quick and small. I recently bought a 1988 civic dx hatch with a d16zc swap done. I have not towed the car to my house yet so I have no picture but I would like a basis to start troubleshooting...