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zc block

  1. spun bearing rebuild

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    im going to start off saying sorry if im wasting ur time guys but i need some help. spun a bearing traveling to texas from ohio and now i need to rebuild. only problem i have is limited resourses(money) i know its a spun bearing. what i need to know is what i need to do to fix it. im looking...
  2. how much power??

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    Z6 vtec head on 1.6zc block. Garbage???
  3. d16y5 to?? please help!!

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    ok so this was my idea, i originally wanted to replace the d16y5 block on my HX to a d16y7 block and keep my original y5 head with all the sensors and everything, but on my other post i was told that the y7 block will give me the same results as the y5 block will.... so now my new question is...