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  1. New Member Introductions
    i just bought a 93 civic sedan with a z6 swap and the person who did just slapped it together and i truley not sure where to start. the main issue i have at the moment is the car will only start if i spray some ether in to the intake so would yall think that could be a timing issue. and second...
  2. Engine Management
    ive bought a 90 civic dx. someone has started a z6 swap and hacked up the harness. the car will start and run but has a ruff idle at around 500 rpm. it wont rev up past about 3 grand. i do know the iacv isent wired in. i also know that one of the 2 wires on it goes 20 a9 for the swap. but what...
  3. Engine Building
    ok so im building a new z6 swap for my 93 hatch and there was a ton of missing screws and bolts i looked in my box if mixed screws n bolts and couldnt find any ive also been to junkyards in seattle and portland and still no luck so does anyone know a website that i can order some from thanks for...
1-3 of 3 Results