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  1. General Tech
    Don't know witch head to use for my bottom end. I have almost every d series head in my garage lol I've read z6 flows good up top but suffers down low What's the real cfm numbers, I want flow baby
  2. New Member Introductions
    So im sure the info and answers are out there i just cant seem to find a straight answer. So first off i have a 96ek running an zc block stuffed with Eagle/ARP/Vitara internals, with a z6 hea and,, y8 intake manifold, and one of those carbon whale penis intakes. Plugged into a chipped p28 ecu...
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    Will any other dizzys work on the z6 head i just swapped a z6 head onto a y7 block and all i need is the housing so i can swap the guts from the y7 dizzy to whatever will work on the z6 head. sorry if i posted in the wrong place new to d-series.
  4. Forced Induction
    i got me a z6 head. it is taken apart and has a bent rod.(the one that the rockers ride on) i need a complete rebuild kit for it because i am going to run some boost. 5-15 pounds. dont worry about my block thats later. i just want to make sure my head can take the abuse im going to trow at it...
  5. Engine Building
    Z6 vtec head on 1.6zc block. Garbage???
  6. Naturally Aspirated
    Ok so I've done a lot of research on staying N/A with my d15b7. So what I had planned was a 272 delta cam,head milled to 0.070,and I already have all the other bolt ons that everyone has. So then I heard that gas mileage will suffer because of the high compression and the cam so I didn't like...
  7. For Sale
    *SOLD* i have a z6 head 150k on it and some random valve covers that i got for shits and giggles... 50 + shipping for head and you get a choice of the valve cover you want...i have the honda vtec one and i have a plain honda one
  8. For Sale
    Alright peeps as you know everything has to go. This stuff is for LOCAL San Diego pick up only. It's going on craigslist, but I gotta give my brothers on the d, first shot at it. CASH ONLY for PICK-UP. All parts are from D16Z6 that was going to be rebuilt, it's yours now. Also all Parts...
1-9 of 9 Results