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  1. Engine Building
    Look I know I'm gonna get flamed for beating basically a dead horse but, I have been searching for hours on a y8 head z6 build and so far the only thing I know solid information on is I have to use a y8 head bolt closest to the vtec solenoid. My problem is that every forum says something...
  2. Engine Building
    ok so this was my idea, i originally wanted to replace the d16y5 block on my HX to a d16y7 block and keep my original y5 head with all the sensors and everything, but on my other post i was told that the y7 block will give me the same results as the y5 block will.... so now my new question is...
  3. For Sale
    Alright peeps as you know everything has to go. This stuff is for LOCAL San Diego pick up only. It's going on craigslist, but I gotta give my brothers on the d, first shot at it. CASH ONLY for PICK-UP. All parts are from D16Z6 that was going to be rebuilt, it's yours now. Also all Parts...
1-3 of 3 Results