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  1. Transmission alley
    So recently I decided to do the y7 toy8 tranny swap and all went well, I got my flywheel resurfaced and put a new clutch in there and got the trans in and bleed the slave, but now when I start the car and try to put the car into get it won’t go into gear, like at all I’ll try to put it into...
  2. Engine Building
    Ok first time poster here, I have a 99 civic that has a d16y7 and i swaped in a 99-00 y8 im, it has the cold air assist, after lurking a bit i found out that you're sapose to cap the cold air assist nipple but since i have 99 civic would i have cap them? Its a from a manual trans car I checked...
1-2 of 2 Results