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  1. Circle track d16

    Engine Building
    Hey. I'm new to these little cars. But I'm building one for this race season. It's a 99 2 door. D16 5 speed. Had a firing issue when I bought it. I just need to know what wires I absolutely have to have to make the thing start and run and drive. Or what else will cause a firing issue with these...
  2. Help with SWAP

    Forced Induction
    4 weeks of reading, searching and many questions has been solved out, but still have some and can't find answers. So here is the thing I got: Chassis 96-98 OBD2a eco Vtec civic D15Z6 EDM Engine - D16Z6 without any manifolds (just head, dizzy, and block) + P30 JDM ecu + Turbo As for the wiring I...
  3. Toasters Dash

    Well. Only got 3 more days of Imageshack so I figure I'd upload another. Here's my new Column. Still have to grind welds off the bar, smooth, drill out the spot welds to get rid of the POS on the sides, sand blast, etc. Street Car. Might be coming up on some Carbon Buckets too!
  4. Newbie With a Question

    General Tech
    Hello all - I apologize ahead of time for the wall of text! Although I've been a frequent visitor of the forum here for quite some time, I've never gotten around to actually posting. However, that time has come, as I am in need of some real help! First of all, let me say that I - in no way...
  5. d15z1 swap wiring issues

    Naturally Aspirated
    First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, its been a while since I've been here, so mods feel free to move it where it should go. The problem I have with this is I'm using a VX engine harness in a 93 EX. As some of you might know VX has one extra plug at the passenger...
  6. d15b sensor next to lower rad hose

    General Tech
    this a d15b vtec that is in a 89 crx. there is a sensor on the back by the lower rad hose it has a green wire and a black wire.. what is this sensor.. i cant find any plug on the stock wireing harness with solid green and solid black wires.. let me know if u need a picture. Thanks...
  7. d15b vtec (obd2) swap into non-vtec obd2 civic using p2p ecu

    Naturally Aspirated
    Sorry to repeat a beat to death subject, but I am a noob to swaps and I just want to make sure I can have this done with little problems. Background: I just blew my d16y7 in my '99 sedan. So, I want to upgrade to the Vi's d15b 3-stage vtec engine since I can get one with low mileage and it...
  8. Jdm d15b vtec solenoid wire up in ek need help

    Engine Building
    i just recently like on oct28th installed a jdm d15b vtec in my 96 ek coupe now i need to wire up the vtec solenoid but it doesnt have the pressure switch and some people say the jdm d15 doesnt have a pressure switch but if thats true what would i have to do to wire up the one wire swich ?
  9. Where to find, how to on engine harnesses

    Engine Management
    I've tried searching and couldnt find anything, does anyone know where to find a diy on making an engine harness for 5th gen (92-95) ex coupes?
  10. Apex-I SAFC2 For D16y5

    Engine Management
    I need some help hookin up a safc2 on civic does any body have the wiring or the Pin layout for A 97 hX ???? ANY HELP WILL BE WELCOME