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  1. Audio/Electronics
    Having issues with the wiring harness on the driver side of my civic. At first I thought it was my power window motor going out but one day I had my door all the way open and not thinking about it i pushed the window down button and my window worked fine. I shut my door and it wouldnt do...
  2. Audio/Electronics
    Hi im new to and i have a problem. I recently wired an aftermarket tachometer into my 93 civic dx and ran into a problem. The tach works fine and reads rpms, but the illumination wire is where im having trouble. i tried running it into the head unit wiring harness, but i stupidly...
  3. Engine Management
    ive bought a 90 civic dx. someone has started a z6 swap and hacked up the harness. the car will start and run but has a ruff idle at around 500 rpm. it wont rev up past about 3 grand. i do know the iacv isent wired in. i also know that one of the 2 wires on it goes 20 a9 for the swap. but what...
1-3 of 3 Results