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  1. Engine Management
    1. Big *********** Wire to Fuse Box 12V GreenPlug 2. Black and Yellow Ignition Wire 12V Function? 3. White and Blue Voltage Back Up VBU? 12V to ECU and Fusebox? Function? Needed? ECU D1 4. White/Red Alternator FR Charge Signal to D9 ECU 12V? Function? Needed? 5. White and Green ALTC or ALT...
  2. Audio/Electronics
    when theives stole my head unit, they cut the wire harness plug off, so its just a wire loom with all the multi-colored wires in it, all cut at the end, with no plug at the end of it, i read that i need to buy a "reverse wiring harness adapter" ?, that you attach to the cut harness...
  3. Audio/Electronics
    can anyone tell me where this plug goes... there was wires cut up by the firewall. i know it has to be part of the main harness. i want to just hardwire it where it needs to go with solder and heat shrink. its a 9 pin connector and has the wires from the door jamb switches. I want to get it...
  4. General Tech
    Does anyone know how to turn the SRS light off? Or know why its on in the first place? Its a 97 Civic EX. Let me know. Is there something I can fix to turn it off?
1-4 of 4 Results