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  1. need help on buying correct stereo wiring harness for crx?

    when theives stole my head unit, they cut the wire harness plug off, so its just a wire loom with all the multi-colored wires in it, all cut at the end, with no plug at the end of it, i read that i need to buy a "reverse wiring harness adapter" ?, that you attach to the cut harness...
  2. WTB iacv plug (2 wire)

    Want to Buy
    doing an auto-manual conversion on my 96 civic so i need to switch the 3-wire auto iacv plug off the harness for a 2-wire 5spd iacv plug. it has to fit the iacv for a y8 manifold. ive looked in all local (and even some non-local) salvage yards but everyone seems to be cutting harnesses off...
  3. Green wire from distributor

    Engine Building
    hey im new so please be nice i've had my civic for about a month it has the y8 and i have big dreams for it. it was modded up pretty good when i got it and i still havent figured out all that was done but there is one thing that i just noticed and is bugging me there is a green wire that comes...