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  1. interior window trim sticking EG

    General Tech
    i’ve got a 1994 eg, with crank windows. when it gets warm/hot and really humid (as it often does in southeast NC) the little rubber lip on the inside of the window sticks to the window when i try to roll it down, and rolls up and basically stops the window. anyone have a fix for this? my ra65...
  2. eg8 body

    General Tech
    hey i just wanted to know what is the name of the part im missing in the red oval
  3. Damn Window!!!

    General Tech
    I have a 99 Civic EX. Neither window works properly. I have replaced the regulator and lubed the guides, however the recent move (from AL to WY) destroyed the rubber guides in the window tracks making it impossible for the window to go up and down without "jumping" off the tracks. Does anyone...