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  1. Wideband 02 Voltmeter Gauge

    Engine Management
    Hey guys, new to the forum and very excited to be a part of it. I have a question regarding wideband 02 AFR gauge options. I have a wideband O2 and a wideband controller but no AFR Gauge. I am running Neptune RTP and am aware that i can wire my controller into the ecu and use neptunes gauges. I...
  2. D16Y5 questions. I will not give up.

    Engine Management
    Hello I have done a ton of research but not enough to really answer one burning question of mine. I hope I get my answer but maybe this will just be one more thread about "swap out the y5 for a y8" etc. I am very familiar with VTEC-E, lean-burn, etc. I m hoping people of great...
  3. Innovate LC-1 Wideband with O2 Sensor

    Want to Buy
    Hey guys, I need a Innovate LC-1 Wideband with O2 sensor to connect to my Demon/Neptune RTP and tune. Let me know if any body has one and wants to sell, as long as its in good condition, I am ok with used ones. It should be compatible with JDM D15b which has D16y8 head (P2J). Its 4 wire O2...
  4. Its posible Wideband to Narrowband (1-wire OBD0)?

    Engine Management
    Its posible Wideband to Narrowband (1-wire OBD0)? with AEM uego 0-5v?? Hello!! My ecu have O2 sensor because its catalyzed, but only one wire (i think 0-1v) I can convert 4-5 wire wideband to 1 wire narrowband signal? thanks!!
  5. Induction kits that don't work...

    Naturally Aspirated
    Not a Good Induction Set Up! notice how short my ram pipe is? well i just set this up because is was easy and looked neat and tidy. didn't think it would hurt flow.... then took wideband readings using my buddy's O2 sensor, oh jesus! i have no data logging capacity of any form, but we could...
  6. Wideband on OBD-0??? is posible? or need external gauge

    Engine Management
    Hello! I'm looking for put Wideband o2 sensor (5Wire) on OBD-0 (1 Wire), it can be done?? Or i must put a A/F gauge connected only to new Wideband 02?? I have Chipped OBD-0 with dataloggin interface. Thanks!!