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  1. Forced Induction
    Can I do 250whp in the china turbo 2871 in the hf manifold with a car thats doing 162whp with a t25 10psi and same hf manifold right now? Stock z6 with turbo supporting mods done. I cant see how it can be done with this crappy manifold. can it? The only thing im changing is the turbo. T25 and...
  2. Engine Building
    i have a 1998 civic lx sedan and the motor is getting wore out so i have a parts motor 1.6l that i want to build to have ready to swap so im looking for the best build that fits my budget/expectations. i dont plan on taking the car to the track. just looking for something to use on the streets...
  3. Engine Management
    i have a d16y8 and i was wondering if i run the stock obd2 computer that comes w/ that car how bad is it that im running 550cc (that arnt working properly) even tho the stock computer calls for 240cc. just to let you guys know my car wont start when i had my p28 w/chrome on it tuned to 550cc. i...
  4. 7th Gen
    I wanna know if u can get 200 whp out of a d17a2 with only $1500 bucks????( start out stock)
1-4 of 4 Results