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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, new here, I love hondas like the rest of you. So I just got a 98 Civic EX, my first 5 speed after owning a 99 civic lx for a half dozen years, I noticed the last few days, when I first start it up the idle was sitting at 1500 (i have since cleaned throttle body and adjusted idle...
  2. For Sale
    Price Drop: $500 Shipped with CromePRO, $450 Shipped on its own no software. Hey guys I'm putting my Sony Vaio laptop up for sale since I have a desktop and another laptop. This was used for school, tuning and programming with Visual Studio. I'd like to sell it with the copy of Crome Pro that...
  3. For Sale
    Hi Guys, My name is James Milam The car is a 1994 White Honda Civic LX VIN: 1HGEG8655RL040767 Location: Uniondale NY Currently the car is not running for reasons unknown. I just swapped a d15 motor into and have checked for all the normal things. It cranks normally just not...
1-3 of 3 Results