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  1. General Tech
    hey guys not too long ago i posted with the issue of my car burning coolant. Just a little at first and 3000mi later it was real bad. All four plugs were white as was the o2 sensor. I pulled the shot motor and bought a known good b7 and swapped it in replaced the o2 sensor as well. just used...
  2. General Tech
    Hey guys im a bit puzzled on this one figured id see what some others think. Car has been smoking (white, kinda sweet) steadily since i put it on the road 7000+ miles ago. Plugs have off-white deposits (more so on 3 and 4 but 1 and 2 do as well) as does the primary o2.. I have NOT had to top...
  3. General Tech
    I just bought this car and it is burning antifreeze as it appears, It runs good, no bogging or anything. Just seems that I have to put in a half quart of antifeeze every 70 miles and when I do it blows more whit smoke than before I filled it up. Very confusing. Im guessing these a crack in...
1-3 of 3 Results