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  1. Better shock absorbers for coil springs

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, long time lurker here and wanted to make an introduction post. Figured I'd include a question with my introduction. I'm a lube tech at ford and from Charlotte NC. I have a 93 del sol that came with old crappy raceland coilovers. My question is what would be a better adjustable shock...
  2. What's with the 3 pieces wheels?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Ok, here in Japan, at least in my experience, nobody really cares whether a wheel is 1, 2 or 3 pieced. But people in the US seemed to be all for the 3 pieced wheels? Can somebody explain it to me? I am missing out any American top secret?
  3. What Honda/Acura models came with 15" wheels?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    I need 15" oem wheels, but it's a weird thing to google and I can only come up with hub caps or too new of wheels on ebay. Surely they made 4x100 15" wheels? I just need the model of the cars so I can search for them on craigslist and such. edit: Not steelies either preferably.
  4. Some bad wheels for crx?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Can anyone give me ideas on what to get 15x7, 15x8 Polished I was thinking about some J Mags On black crx
  5. WTB - wheels: 16x8 4x100 >20 et

    Want to Buy
    I'm need some wheels and tires. Any 4 lug x100 16x8 to 16x8.5 with an offset greater than 20mm (but less than 37mm). Let me know if you have anything in this range. much appreciated
  6. Am getting a d16(uk) crx del sol, advise on alloys please :)

    Serious discussion/debate
    So yeah, been offered a crx del sol, d16a? its in silver and i'm thinkin off treating it with a new set of wheels, any recommendations and wat sizes and offsets plz the rota grids are taking my fancy.... what do you think???
  7. Tire pressure

    Suspension Corner
    A short guide to tire pressure people have been spreading alot of misconceptions about tires and tire pressure lately and asking me is my why i pump my tires up well above manufacturers spec. there are lots of reasons. i change my tire pressure regularly depending on the situation or driving i'm...
  8. 4x100 & 4x114.3 Wheels For Sale

    For Sale
    1. BMW BBS RZ (4x100, 14x6.5, 30mm offset, 2 tires are decent, 2 will need to be replaced, I suggest all tires be replaced, 1 wheel is missing a center cap. Make a REASONABLE OFFER These wheels go for $700+shipping, I'm not asking for that much but a reasonable offer will not be denied.) 2...