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  1. Showcase
    This is from a customers turn key build. I apologize for the lack of pictures, I lost of 3/4 of the pictures taken during this project due to a theft. D16A1 block and head 75.5 x 90 custom CP Pistons Scat rods ACL bearings ARP headstuds Cometic .028" headgasket Canton 5.5qt oil pan 1980's huge...
  2. 7th Gen
    No more retrofitting the Fit/L series LSD. The MFactory D17 helical LSD is now available. Fits all 2001-2005 D17 manual transmissions. PM, email, or call to order.
  3. Transmission alley
    So John (see thread title for his username) Pre-Ordered an MFactory LSD from me with intentions to install it himself with help from his boss. That didn't work out due to his shop getting busy, so he asked me to rebuild it for him. So here it is. As it was when I picked it up from the freight...
  4. Transmission alley
    So here is my little review of the MFactory D Series (40mm) LSD. This is the prototype unit that I inspected and am currently running in my 96 hatchback. Trans is a EX D16Z6 trans I rebuilt a couple months ago as a backup and decided to use for the testing. Appearance of the diff is great, no...
1-5 of 11 Results