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water pump

  1. My little nightmare (carnage inside)

    Engine Building
    So a little about me and my car, just a quick little paragraph, I'm a male, 20 years young I've had 5 Hondas, in order 88 accord lxi, 93 civic sedan dx, 96 dx coupe, 93 ex coupe and a 94 Ls , I dd the 93 ex which is the car I'm talking about The car is an original d16z6 has over 250,000 (no vss...
  2. timing belt information/ mini me clarification

    General Tech
    Ok so this should remove some of the miss information about timing belts tensioners and water pumps. and the how too choose the right belt, tensioner, water pump, timing belt combo head heights b7/a6 95mm D14a2 95mm D16y3 95mm d16z6 93mm D16y7 93mm D16y8 93mm D16y5 93mm...
  3. Overheating D16Y8

    Naturally Aspirated
    Everything started when I did replace my thermostat. My old thermostat rubber seal was bad so It was taking too long before it get warm. So after I replace themostat with a Honda one and notice it was overheating like 100 deg, (use to be around 80-85, Honda thermostat are rated at 78 deg) I went...
  4. Water and oil pump for Dohc ZC 2 (D16A9)

    Hello!! I bought: -Belt tensioner and timming belt from D16A1 89 integra, its a 124 teeth 24mm. -Water pump for 88-91 crx si, i think for D16A6 -Oil pump for 88-91 crx si, D16A6 too. Some people tell me that the oil pump the D16Z6 is not recommended because is high presure, and my engine is...