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  1. Suspension Corner
    I’m looking for the simplest way to put some low on a ‘87 wagovan. It does have the rtAWD if that matters.
  2. General Tech
    I'm compiling a list of everything needed to do an AWD conversion using our D Series. The easiest route seems to be to do a D2B sdwap and go full CRV AWD and use one of the various suppliers like S1 Built, AKD, Hub City Performance, FJ Race, etc for their drivetrain mount kits. I've also seen us...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I just found and bought 2 Civic Wagons one is a 88 AWD the body is rusted on the normal spots nothing to bad its missing a engine but it still has all of the AWD system drivetrain and has a almost new interior the other one is a 91 body is awesome no problems runs and drives great but its only...
  4. Engine Building
    so, i'm 17, got my first honda, old school '88 Civic Wagon FWD with a D15b2 in it, i want to swap the intake from dual point efi to multi point, just the intake, i dont wanna mess with the head yet, i figured i can run 2 fuel injectors per wire on the ecu, just have kinda have 2 'Y' lookin...
  5. Showcase
    For years, I have focused on naturally aspirated performance. I loved, and still do love, the challenge of sailing in uncharted waters, and extracting what was seen as impossible power. Last year, Bisimoto Engineering participated in a high profile engine challenge/shootout, to determine which...
1-5 of 5 Results