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  1. D15b Vtec boosted.. need to upgrade intake manifold

    General Tech
    Hey! I am new to the forum but I recent just picked up a 1992 Eg Si. The car came with a d15b Vtec boosted. No name turbo. I need a tune horribly! But first need some parts. Right now the car goes fine and runs fine but the turbo dies off at 5000 rpm. and I have to ease into it for it to spool...
  2. Need advices for Vtec.

    General Tech
    Yeah i have aquired this nice Civic 2001 Si, 1,7 Sohc Vtec... engine runs fine except that the vtec wasnt engaging. A friend tested out codes and stuff, ( i dont remember code) but I remember he said, catalyzer problem. I think the guy that had it, removed the cat completly. :S .... So my...
  3. D14+VTEC + OBD1 = finished )

    New Member Introductions
    my name is Ilya Serb 9 year ago i bought 1.4 IS 90hp (autogearbox s4PA) I read different sites - D-Series,, HondaTech and many many other. What now? i want start friendship with D-Series =) 2007-2015 Stock D14A4 90hp Milliage: from 120000 to 220000km (yes, 9 years, 100000km)...
  4. d16z6 rebuild (Mini Cooper swap)

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys, So i just finished swapping the engine in and ive run into a small issue. Below is a video that I took revving the engine up a bit... As you can see, the smoke doesn't happen until the higher RPMs. I figured that the smoke is probably due to worn rings. So, I...
  5. d16z6 mild build questions

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, I have a d16z6 swapped into my classic Mini Cooper and i'm looking to get a couple extra horses. Right now, the only things changed on the motor are nameless 4-2-1 headers, skunk 2 pro series intake manifold, 67mm TB, chipped p28 ECM, megabite lsd, 12lb Exedy Flywheel, stage 2 Exedy...
  6. d16z6 swap basic boosting options

    Forced Induction
    Hey all! I have a d16z6 swapped into my classic mini cooper and I was wondering what my options are for boosting. Currently, the only things on the engine are some unknown brand 4-2-1 headers, Skunk2 Manifold, Chipped p28 ECU, and the A/C and Power steering were removed. The car only weighs...
  7. EJ1 D16Z6 RPM guage problem

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi dudes, i'm from brazil and i have a 94 civic ej1 exs mt d16z6. My car are have a rpm guage problem, at idle the guage shows 700-800rpm, at 60mph show 2000rpm and the cut-off are on 5900-6000 when its suppose to be 7200 rpm what can be the problem? ps: sorry my poor english
  8. Acceleration query

    Naturally Aspirated
    So ok, I have a stock D16y7, only mods are an intake, header, and full catback exhaust. My issue is this: Around 4.5-5K my engine accelerates as if it were vtec. Now i have double checked and am 100% positive this motor is not vtec A: I looked my self, no vtec solenoid. B: its a y7. My...
  9. Nuckles H2B Swapp

    Alright kiddos, im starting to piece my h2b swap i will be posting EVERYTHING i do to it on here. IF all goes well planing on picking up the h22 longblock this weekend IF it checks out! Power adders for now will be bolt ons I/H/E Headwork im looking to do -Port & Polish -3 Angle valve Job...
  10. Test vtec solenoid?

    General Tech
    How does one test a vtec solenoid? Simply run the wires to a battery and listen for a click? Will be doing it on d26y8
  11. Vtec issues d16y8 in 1992 eg

    General Tech
    Hey folks I have an issue figuring out the wiring for vtec on my 1992dx with a d16y8 swap. I am running p28ecu obd1, and have put all obd1 accessories onto the y8 engine including manifold, alternator, dizzy, ect. The y8 vtec solenoid is only obd2 electrical I have left. I know that on my model...
  12. d17a1 to a2 head swap?

    7th Gen
    I'm wanting to do a headswap on my lx to make it vtec. Is there anyone on here willing to sell their head for a reasonable price?
  13. 1989 Civic Hatchback ZC/Z6 hybrid Ready for the Track! -$3000

    For Sale
    Hey DSO Fam! I know it's been a while. Life changes and transforms in strange and beautiful ways. I'm at a point in my life where it's time to get rid of my long time project and I'm certain that a current or next generation DSO member will benefit most from the time/money/blood/sweat/happiness...
  14. I'm a noob, just got my first Honda

    New Member Introductions
    D16z6 swap but it looks like some idiot got it for his daughter and painted everything pink except the body which has a terrible paint job. So I have a project on my hands but that's what I wanted.
  15. D17 turbo overheating

    Forced Induction
    Greetings! Hi, friends! Long time no see. How are you? Finally my several years project is done and the car is running for 1,500 miles+. My build thread: The car has 2 maps. One with 300whp and other, with more...
  16. JDM d15b vtec

    New Member Introductions
    So i just got my d15b and im wanting to order an exhaust, prefer a skunk2, what size and best exhaust would go for my motor?
  17. JDM d15B

    New Member Introductions
    Whattup guys, ive been wanting a honda for years and recently just bought a friends 99 eg coupe with a vtec jdm d15b swap, no ac/powersteering. Im wanting to know if this engine has potential, im all about being the underdog and dragging on bigger engines, but my question is is the d15b worth...
  18. hooking up vtech in 96 lx

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 96lx with z6 swap with ecu jumper p28 ecu .A little info on situation did swap first time with vet civic swappers n they helped me with what I didn't know or couldn't do n that had landed need here again. I have it in n its running well but that great team its now miles away n i have no...
  19. 95 EJ D15B Vtec Swap help!

    Engine Building
    Okay, so here is the story. I drive a 95 DX coupe with a sluggish D15B7 powerplant. I've been doing a fair share of research and fumbled with many different possible ideas for swaps. More and more each day, I'm leaning towards dropping a JDM D15B VTEC in there. Has anyone done this swap...
  20. D16a transmission compatability

    Transmission alley
    Okay guys, i been looking for a while. I have a Civic 1994 Ex with a Jdm D16A Vtec engine. The engine took me about half a days research to find out that it really is from japan. Now the problem that I have is that I want to make my car stick shift. its an automatic. I been looking around and...