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vtec head

  1. Sohc zc non vtec mini me conversion!

    Engine Building
    i have a jdm sohc zc non vtec, and i wanna put a vtec head on it. i was wonderin which head should i put on it? least modifications etc. also, i was wondering if i have to replace the timing belt because of a diff tooth number and all that. what about head bolts/studs? and yes, i know...
  2. First head swap y8 head on y7 block

    Engine Building
    I recently bought a 97 civic dx, the guy gave me a y8 head, a z6 intake manifold and the ecu from a 98 civic ex. I was hoping I could get a tutorial on how to wire it and if this would even work together. I know next to nothing about cars, and I would like to start getting to know them better...
  3. d17a1 block with d17a2 head

    7th Gen
    i was looking at the price of a vtec head and i found one for 300 $ i was wondering in order for vtec to actually work on a d17a1 do you need a complete replacement computer like AEM standalone, or if you could get the stock one remapped for vtec or if you could use a computer from a d17a2: