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  1. Vtec-e Turbo

    Forced Induction
    Hi all Just got my turbo bolted up and running so thought i would share it with you all the idea behind it has been to try to have high mpgs and plenty of power on demand. i like pictures so here we go.. this turbo turned out to be shot so replaced it with a garret t3 i got for a...
  2. Boosting my 96 hx

    Forced Induction
    hello everyone i have really been wanting to boost my hx and so i have started looking for parts to piece my kit most likely going to put a y8 head on my y5 just for clarification. my hp goal is 160-200 hp and about the same for torque.i want a fast spooling turbo so i have a good...
  3. Straight outta KY

    New Member Introductions
    Well, I just bought my first honda, its an alright car, aside from the fact that the starter went out. Its got a D15Z1 in it, which i hear is pretty slow, lol, only pushing around 90hp, but i thought of an idea for it, since its VTEC-E at 2000 RPM up to around 5000 RPM, i thought that you could...
  4. 97ex coupe build. Pics included

    Welcome to my thread! 1997 Honda civic ex coupe build. When I originally wanted to build a Honda I wanted more power without sacrificing economy and maybe even approve upon it. Even though many said they are inversely proportional I choose to disagree. I originally wanted to build a jdm...