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  1. General Tech
    Been looking for forums to see if a d15b7 head will work on a d15z1 block haven’t found much but looking to see if anyone’s can give me some new info tia!!!
  2. Engine Management
    hey. i read somewhere that in a DOHC vtec-e engine, you can rotate the exhaust cam to convert to regular vtec. is there any simple way, (cam swap or mod) to get a SOHC D17A2 to get regular vtec? (yes it is vtec-e)
  3. Forced Induction
    This will be my first turbo build and ive spent the last week reading up on crome and neptune. I have a d15b vtec bottom end with a JDM d15b vtec head (lowers compression) so from what i read it should be around 8.. I also read that a few people put 12-14 psi on a Similar set up.. Has anyone...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, im abit stuck for what bumpers will fit my model, I have a 6th gen 1.5i vtec-e, 5 door, and i want to get a better looking front bumper, not over the top chavy type. when i open the bonnet the grill comes up too, i was told that any civic bumper within the same year will fit but i...
  5. Engine Management
    Just bought my first honda a 1990hatch and it came with a jdm d15b vtec e that is being run by a p28 ecu. Ecu is stock and creating some problems. Idle surges when motor warms up and is out of closed loop. Runs rich. Vtec hits at 5k. Due to ecu and pulls hard. I can bury tach which ends at 8k. I...
1-5 of 5 Results