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  1. Speed Sensor Tutorial with Pics and Questions

    Transmission alley
    Before I get into this, I'll post my questions so they don't get lost: 1. Is the Si tranny better than the non-Si tranny? 2. My speedo gear is white, which apparently indicates a non-Si tranny (or a 35mm small bearing according to another post). I read somewhere that on rare occasions the white...
  2. VSS and broken fill plug

    Transmission alley
    long story short is the transmission fill plug is rounded off and not even the "easy out" for messed up bolt head will do the trick. someone suggested i just remove the VSS and fill the transmission though the VSS hole. from diagrams it looks like i wont be able to remove the VSS from the...
  3. Vehicle Speed Sensor

    I have the issue of speedometer sitting at 5 when key is off. When key is turned on, it jumps to 30. Also odometer does not roll over. I looked at the sensor and the black wire from the plug was pulled out of it. So, I stripped some of the plastic off until wire shown and shoved it back into the...
  4. Vehicle Speed Sensor

    Transmission alley
    Moved to Audio/electronics.
  5. speedometer bouncing

    General Tech
    ok ive had my car for a cpl months and yesterday i hit a deep water puddle and well my speedometer is going nuts. it dropped to 0 then to 80 then to 30 then to 120 then to 0 and all over the place. its a 98 civic with a d16y8. how can i fix this problem? ive searched but i didnt find anything...