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  1. d15b7 vitara mini me vs d16a6 vitara minime

    General Tech
    i’ve heard that the jdm d15b is better for boost because of better r/s ratio. i’ve done some research on r/s ratios but i don’t quite understand it. would there be any advantages to building a d15b7 minime with vitaras for boost over a d16a6 vitara mini me, because of the rod ratio, and would...
  2. The Sleeper Z6 Turbo Build

    Hi all, I've been a long time lurker here at D-series with a few smaller posts. I currently have a ek sedan with a baby turbo on it (TD04H-15t) and making about 170whp. It doesn't have anything done to the exterior. Still has the stock wheels with the hubcaps on it. My car has been boosted for...
  3. BUILD UPDATE!!! Still need suggestions.

    Forced Induction
    So from my last thread I have dropped a few things off the list with the help from you guys. I have now came to the realization the 500whp is quite a lot for a street car and probably even more money than previously thought. My new power goals would preferably 300 - 350whp but 400 also seems fun...
  4. vitara custom length rods, extinct?

    Engine Building
    I'm building my first vitara engine and I cant find anyone selling the custom length rods 138.63mm. Some background I'm building a d16z6 bottom end with y7 head, and using e85 my goal is 450whp but I'm willing to compromise. So what I've been able to figure out is p2p is out of stock and I cant...
  5. Our history and how to follow us live ! Affiliates
    I feel like we've been on and off this website here and a lot of new members don't know who we are, so I was thinking a brief history would be nice for some. Scroll down to the green text to skip our history and see how to follow us. My name is Robert Reese and I started this company about 15...
  6. My D16Z6 Vitara Build

    Forced Induction
    My D16Z6 Vitara Build NOOB Questions I have a couple questions for you quys that have actually built motors: I was curious what the MAX safe rpm range is. I'm also curious if any of you have been successful with the 2.4 bisimoto cam and its durability......I know there are reports of...
  7. D16a6/z6 vitara at 10-12psi?

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys so I was just looking to see if anyone hasa similar setup to mine so I could ballpark estimate what kind of number I'm gonna put down. Motor: D16a6 block bored .20 over, notched, shimmed oilpump. Ycp vitara 75.50mm with speedfactory spec forged I beam rods Acl bearings, Speedfactory...
  8. Calling all boosted DD Vitara build owners

    Forced Induction
    How many miles does your Vitara build have, what size turbo, hp/torque numbers, fuel, and amount of boost you were running? What oil and weight? Remember as a daily driver will help answer my question. I am seeking the answer to find the average mileage a GOOD tuned boosted Vitara setup has...
  9. New Setup: Air Research 50trim/Spoolin Performance Log

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys so I picked up a new Turbo and Manifold that I will be throwing on my car. Thought I would make a thread to share the process. Currently my car is running the following D16z6 w/d15b vtec head Vitara ycp 75mm's Eagle rods Bisimoto 2.4 cam 680cc inectors Running Neptune currently has a...
  10. Boosting the D15B7

    Engine Building
    Hey all. I recently acquired a 92 civic DX hatch and am planning on doing a bit of summer work on it as my Saab is to expensive to work on. I have decided to boost it but I have run into a few questions that hopefully the lovely people here on D series, ie. you, will be able to answer for me...
  11. d16y8 build (vitara CR)

    Engine Building
    I'm still relatively new to engine building and only after joining this forum did i learn of the vitara build. For my build I really want to go for a 9-9.1:1 CR, with the vitara build I was looking at this forum,
  12. BRAND NEW YCP Vitara Pistons & NPR Rings- STD Size

    For Sale
    BRAND NEW YCP Vitara Pistons & NPR Rings - SOLD! I have a brand new, unused/uninstalled set of YCP Vitara pistons that I was originally going to use for my D16 but instead changed my plans. I took one piston out of the box and wrapper just to inspect it but everything else including rings are...
  13. d16z6 stock sleeves max power limit??

    Forced Induction
    :bash: hey guys im thinking of building a d16z6 block with Fjt custom rods and 75.5mm vitara with 50trim .63ar to4e turbonetics set up. Would i be able to get away with 350-400 without cracking the block? Also has anyone run or heard about this turbo? I got it from my brother in-law I guess...
  14. D16Y8 turbo ethanol Vitara custom rods

    Forced Induction
    Hey Mates, what do you think about using 140mm length rods with Vitara pistons to run on E100? The car is for daily drive so CR below 9.5:1 on E100 are very bad until the boost comes on. I intend to use about 8-10PSI and I'm at 3300ft. Any suggestions from the experts...
  15. New to DOHC ZC and need help

    I recently got a Dohc Zc and I would like to know what my options are. From What I can tell Turbo is a good way to go. I would like to get 200+ whp in the end and be able to daily drive the car. The ZC I got was already on its way to being turbo ready and i want to know if everything that has...
  16. 95 Civic Ex Build

    i suppose i will start this build thread...i bought a 95 ex coupe shell to put together for a daily to keep miles off of my s2000...and well, i guess stock single cam isnt enough...ill update this as much as possible
  17. Any Got?

    New Member Introductions
    Looking for: D16Y8 shortblock D-series after market parts All D-series turbo parts 96-00 lowering springs Basically the works
  18. Interesting, for you Vitara guys

    Engine Building
    Hi members. I got myself a old OEM Vitara piston to measure etc for my build. So I had a closer look. Crack is on both sides on the side where the gauging pin is closer to the skirt. Same with another OEM piston from another Suzuki engine. They came out of standard Suzuki engines. The OEM...
  19. My '94 Civic EX Build

    So I thought that I would start a build thread on my car since I have been in Afghanistan for almost 5 months and not able to work on it. So let me begin by saying that I am in the US Army and am stationed in Germany. With that being said, I will tell you that Germany is NOT the greatest place...
  20. 75mm or 75.5mm YCP Vitara piston?

    Engine Building
    I am getting Exospeed to sleeve my D16Y8 with Darton MID sleeves and I supplied some 75mm standard YCP Vitara pistons. I was wondering if I should have gone 75.5mm with the pistons. How much of a difference in power/torque would it be, if anybody knows? Would it make that much of a difference in...