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  1. Where to measure piston skirt on YCP Vitara pistons

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    Please forgive me if this has been answered before, I'm at level dummy when it comes to proper searching, but know that I tried. I just dropped my block and pistons off at the machine shop and they want to know where on the piston skirt the manufacturer specifies to measure the diameter. In my...
  2. 1993 Del Sol SI D16Z6 Mild Turbo Build Help

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 1993 Del Sol SI powered by a D16Z6. My goal is 200 WHP, and I don't want to exceed 250 WHP. So far all I have is a pos air intake a buddy sold me cheap, and after my turbo build I will get a better intake when I am done with my build. I don't want a "race car" I just want it to be a...
  3. Toto pistons for turbo D

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    Hey mates, found over here with nice price pistons for Suzuki VITARA/SIDEKICK/BALENO 1.6 16V. Seller says they are for engines G16, B and D. Brand Toto, code 1718033 + 33-2728. My block is sited at machining shop. The package with p2p0 combo is in customs, but they are 75mm. And only now guy...
  4. d16z6 build

    Engine Building
    I'm building a boosted d16z6; I bought vitara ycp pistons and I'm just wondering what the compression ratio would be if I have those pistons with stock rods??
  5. VITARA INFO Thread

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    VITARA INFO Thread-Add Your Knowledge I thought it would be a great Idea to start a thread with all the Vitara Piston Info along with custom rod lengths vs standard length info so that you don't have to see 100 threads a week asking the same question. So if you have valuable Information to add...