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  1. Engine Building
    I need some brand advice for valves/guides/valve seats/ maybe springs retainers and everything else. i want a good bang for my buck its only a d15b7 but it was rebuilt with 11:1 and maybe forged internals so I may turbo it or might not. I got it was the car expecting it to be stock but since...
  2. General Tech
    im wondering how to take out valve from a d16y8 i need to replace a couple bent valves i have please help thanks
  3. Engine Management
    I have a 2001 civic lx and the timing belt recently jumped on me. I took everything apart, retimed it and now it won't start. I also took the valve cover off to make sure my valves weren't bent and everything seemed to move smoothly no noises or anything. I was wondering If anyone had an idea...
  4. Engine Building
    So I bought this z6 head off a guy a while back and decided Ill go ahead and do a valve job on it. I had my friends dad, who is a Platinum Honda ASE Certified Tech. He has a shop at home with everything including a set of New Way Valve seat cutters. We cut the face of the valves and got them...
  5. Engine Building
    Hello! I have milling machine and little lathe machine. I'm thinking to machine a b20 valves that i can get from one friend, from crv engine, and modify to fit on my D16A8 (Dohc ZC) head, they are stronger that dohc zc valves??? At the moment i have this pieces on my block: -75mm D16Z6 JE...
1-5 of 5 Results