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  1. D16Y8 Oil Consumption 1qt-300

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, first i want to introduce me. I daily drive an Del Sol 1997 manual with an d16y8 engine, bought it when i was 16 and built it. I am from Germany, so sorry if i didn't write or spell everything correct. The Engine is mostly stock, with an other Air Intake, and Exhaust. I did a little...
  2. strange valve noise?

    Engine Management
    its kind of a high pitched sound. im really not sure what it is.
  3. Worn valve guides ?

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys. Got oil passing out my exhaust port. Going to tear down the top of the head soon. I have replacement valve seals which should be no problems. - however worried that my actual guides may be flogged out. I run the bronze guide but have egts around 800 degrees at full load. 20psi...
  4. valve seal

    Engine Building
    I have an interesting question to ask. So I am putting my z6 head back together and as I was installing the intake valves. I did a, what i guess you can call a seal test. It consisted turning the lights off in the place that is was working in, putting both of the valves into the corresponding...
  5. Heater Core/Heater Valve questions

    General Tech
    I've been running into some problems on my build and lately it's been stacking as part of my new thread-a-day series I hope to clear some stuff up without causing too much :uh: from the veterans. First up, heater core. I DID search for a method and found that some channel locks on the...
  6. help with valve adjustment

    Engine Building
    hi im helping a friend of mine build a d16z6 bored .20 over with vatara pistons and eagle rods im not much of a honda guy so im wondering if there are different valve clearances from stock with that build... any help would be great. im just looking for the clearance sizes
  7. non-adaptive tune VS valve lash

    Engine Management
    what i have is a P28 ECU running a P08 MAP the motor is a jdm d15b z6 head when the motor is cold it runs a bit like shit and sputters and back fires and the check engine light comes on and starts running really rich. also it ticks a bit more from the head when its cold. i think i need to...
  8. Cam valve clearance?

    New Member Introductions
    Ok I have a d16z6 on p29 high compression pistons got headers 93 eclipse injectors shaved head I dont know how much over just toke it to the machine shop and they said it had to be im getting a blox stage 2 camshaft and I would like 2 know if is ok to put on the valve whont hit...
  9. D15B Skipped a Few Teeth - Bent Valves?

    Engine Building
    I'm working on a buddy's car - Apparently his timing belt jumped and the car wouldn't run. Before I started dealing with it, he said when he would try to fire it up it would run for a few seconds, very poorly, and shut down. I took it apart and sure enough, the timing was off by a few teeth...
  10. Size of valves

    Engine Building
    i got a d16z6 head and i was thinking if i can make the hole bigger where the valve sit at and prob put d17 valves or ls valves..any answer will b helpfull
  11. need help with rebuilding d16y8 head

    Engine Building
    I have been looking all over for atleast stage 2 camshafts, dual valve springs and valves but not getting any luck finding anything except for whats on ebay. Does anybody know of some stage 2+ camshaft dual valve springs and valves for decent price. I also plan on turbo charging my y8. When...
  12. Valve Cover Question.

    General Tech
    Will a valve cover from a Del Sol fit a d16y8? I have the chance to buy a chrome vlave cover for $100 bucks. The kid said he got it from OBX for $195. Is this a good deal or is it cheaper to have my valve cover dropped off for chrome? Here is the link to the picture...