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valve lash

  1. Intake And Exhaust Valve Lash! Help please!

    General Tech
    I am getting my motor rebuilt and the dude who is rebuilding it needs me to find out what the Stock Intake And Exhaust Valve Lash is so we can adjust the valves when we get the motor back. Could someone please help me and send me the numbers for it so we can adjust them? Thanks!! (Motor is a...
  2. valve noise

    General Tech
    i have a 95 civic with the d15 in it and i have this bad valve noise and i have been told its bad to have it from some people and some on this web site says its normal i have a video on here let me know what you think could be the problem
  3. Having a little problem with my CYLINDER HEAD

    Engine Management
    i did a mini swap.. never got the vtec to work..(had to buy a oil pressure switch...had a problem wit a few other crap vtec related but anyway) FINALLY got the vtec to open up a few times and now it sounds like theres something jumping around in my cylinder head. so i took the valve cover off...