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  1. d15b7 valve cover color

    General Tech
    hey doesn’t really matter but i’ve got a d15b7 and it has a silver valve cover, but i’ve never seen another b7 with a silver one, they’re all black? any difference?
  2. Brand New D16Z6 Valve Cover

    For Sale
    Name: Corey Contact info: 9379690412 Price: 70 plus shipping, or best offer I have a brand new z6 valve cover. With a move and a baby on the way, im letting this go. Will ship, on buyer expense. PM/Text/Call or post in here. Can supply other pictures on request. Thanks for looking!
  3. Valve cover switch

    General Tech
    I'm interested in switching from a '99 ex valve cover to a '95 cover (showing the VTEC, not honda). Does anyone know if that is a compatible switch? I don't want to rig anything. Just want a straight up switch up.
  4. Valve cover w/ welded AN fittings.

    Forced Induction
    Does anyone know where you can buy a valve cover with the welded AN fittings so it can be a plug/play with RC Autoworks catch can setup? There is no one in my area that does aluninum welding(mean do it well).
  5. z6 valve cover hardware

    Engine Building
    ok so im building a new z6 swap for my 93 hatch and there was a ton of missing screws and bolts i looked in my box if mixed screws n bolts and couldnt find any ive also been to junkyards in seattle and portland and still no luck so does anyone know a website that i can order some from thanks for...
  6. nada

    I don't know how to read.
  7. Painted valve cover.

    New Member Introductions
    Replaced my valve cover gasket and figured i'd paint it while it was off. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="d16y8,valve...
  8. DIY Valve cover venting

    DIY Forum
    For those of you who are wanting to vent your valve cover.Here are the steps. I know 10secrex Did a DIY for this but I did mine a little different. Stuff you need: 2 fittings(got mine at advanced) JB Weld Drill and bits Tap set Bolts(I used 5/16 allen head) Locktight Step 1 Remove the valve...
  9. Valve Cover Painting...

    New Member Introductions
    So as a Noob.... I have a Noob question... I want to clean up my engine and paint the Valve cover... Any pointers? Maybe pics for inspiration? Thanks ahead of time...