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  1. Engine Management
    Hello, Looking at the throttle body of a D16Z5, I noticed there is a little pipe (highlighted in the attached photo) missing a hose. When revving the engine the pipe emits hissing sounds. My question is what should that little pipe be connected to?
  2. General Tech
    First off i didn't plan to have head be a z6 so basically up until now I've done my whole thinking it was a y8, i should of checked the stamp on the bad.. i didn't think of it until the dizzy didn't fit on P: my car is a 1996 civic dx so as of now heres what i have d16y7 block...
  3. General Tech
    First off, I don't make threads unless I'm completely stumped. I may just be in a bad mood and not thinking straight. Here goes. Engine is a d15beast7. I found a tear in my lower pcv hose going to the black box while changing my oil the other day. The tear was right before where the clamp...
  4. General Tech
    this motor is a d15b vtec this fitting comes from the pipe on the back of the block there are 2 fittings like this one. the other is over by the alternator. what is this pipe on the back of the block for? and what do i need to do with these 2 fittings? Thanks for your help!
  5. General Tech
    this an 89 crx with a jdm d15b VTEC does this diagram look correct for jdm a d15b vtec? do i need an EVAP solenoid valve off of a 95 civic? it does not show 2 lines. one is the ON the upper left of the valve cover, (i know where that ones goes too) the other is just below the valve cover on...
  6. Engine Building
    ok... quick question... i'm swapping in a d16z6 into my brother's lx civic... stock motor is the d15b7... i've got a question regarding the vacuum on the intake/tb of the b7... in the picture, the hose that i'm holding has nowhere to connect to on the z6 intake/tb... the second picture is the...
  7. Engine Management
    I have a 1992 EG8 with a D16Z6 swap, I'm running a Y8 I.M. and a Y8 T.B.. One of the problems I am having is the fact that my car is an automatic and my throttle body and intake are both from a manual. I have some things plugged in and some things aren't. I don't know what I am dealing with as...
1-7 of 7 Results