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  1. Noob question, What is the best way to upgrade my D-series

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    Hey how is it going I have a 96 civc ex non V tec with a Cx racing turbo set up pushing 7 P.S.I with stock internals with a upgraded fuel rail along with a S300 ECU my question is what is the best way to build my D series motor to get the most potential out of that motor with the set up I...
  2. New to d series

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    Hi , New to honda and d series, just bought a 93 1.6 del sol with 16z6 engine, the whole car is in very good condition for a 19 year old and 100,000 miles. I plan on keeping it for some time and would like to keep it as near standard as poss, but here is a list of mod's already on car ...
  3. Best cam upgrade for a6/y8 mini me?

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    I have an a6/y8 mini me swap in my 89 hatch and want to get a bigger cam, but don't want one so big that will hit the pistons. If anyone has done this, has any input or suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks! Setup: Mild port Lightly shaved y8 head Ported y8 im to match 62mm tb Aem cold air...
  4. Upgrading my engine, please help me!!!

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    To start, I have 1998 Honda civic si. The only aftermarket parts on the car is the rims, tires, lowering springs, muffler, and sound system. The engine (D16Y8) is completely stock. I'm looking to start upgrading my engine and I'm not sure where to start. I don't have alot of money to spend, but...
  5. Need Help Upgrading ECU on my D15B7

    Engine Management
    I have a p28 ECU. I was wondering if it would have any advantages if hooked up to a NON-mini Me set-up(non z6 head). I have the a z6 head, just wondering if I can just plug this thing in and start using it before swapping the head. I do have the odb1 wiring, so I know it will plug in...I just...