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  1. Just replaced two s40 bearing, now tranny wont turn!

    Transmission alley
    ok, i recently wanted to switch out the isb bearing on a replacement trans i picked up. it turned well before i disassembled. when i got the case apart the counter shaft snap ring bearing was loud and loose so i ordered one and finally tonight i got it all back together. before i put the case...
  2. Just torque'd crankshaft mains, flywheel wont budge?

    Engine Building
    Hello and I need help! I just assembled my D16Y7 block with all OEM Y8 internals, and "King" OEM bearings. I had everything mic'd and hot tanked, and the machinist said being that everything is OEM, it should all bolt up and I could skip plastigage. So, I installed the crankshaft and bearings...